New Patch!

Hey folks!

I am excited about this patch, even if it is a small one. These changes include some tweaks to the camera and some more improvements I felt were necessary or helpful for the gameplay experience.


  • The camera will now follow more smoothly, especially on the Y axis. This is both more polished and just feels right.
Idle Animations

  • I created a complete set of idle animations for Fumiko. I always felt like there was something missing without them.

Other improvements

  • Fumiko now leaves trails of numbers while jumping, helping with depth perception (while also looking really cool)
  • Tweaked some of the level design for Kronos Gate
  • Tweaked the pull enemy in the fourth chapter to be smaller and thus less annoying
  • Fixed some typos
  • Implemented functionality to translate the game in the future
  • Performance improvements in Hyperion
  • Bugfixes

Thank you for your interest in the game!

Best Regards,

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Version 11 92 days ago

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