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This gravity-defying 3D Platformer takes you on a surreal trip through a twisted virtual network. · By Odrez (Fumiko Games)


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Recent updates

Small Patch
Just a quick patch for two requested fixes. I'll still be looking into bringing the performance improvements from the console version to the PC version, but I p...
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Fumiko! is coming to Xbox One!
When I first started working on the Xbox One port of the game I did not give the warning signs enough credit. As a solo dev, porting a game to a console is an u...
Camera issue Hotfix
If you're frequently alt+tabbing from the game you might have noticed that it releases your mouse and doesn't grab it back once you switch back to the game. Thi...
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We have a 100% completion guide now!
For a special occasion I needed to write a 100% completion guide for the game and I don't want you guys to miss out. Follow the guide on Steam to never get stuc...
New Patch!
Hey folks! I am excited about this patch, even if it is a small one. These changes include some tweaks to the camera and some more improvements I felt were nece...
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Fumiko! is now available on macOS!
While I was working on the latest update I was finally able to get my hands on a MacBook Air to do some testing for the Mac version of Fumiko. For this reason I...
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Patch v1.1 released!
Fumiko! received a big patch! We've added new content, new dialogue, new mechanics and a better menu. Players will be able to focus more on the narrative of the...
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